10 Social Distancing Print Products That Are Gaining Popularity During COVID Times

10 Social Distancing Print Products That Are Gaining Popularity During COVID Times

As the efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic continue, most of us are still not leaving any stone unturned to lead a healthy and safe life. It's no surprise that businesses have been hit hard along with continuous changes whenever it may apply. Many companies had to add a line of new products and remove the old ones to adapt to the changed human lifestyle due to the pandemic.

Amidst the chaos, the print service providers are effectively playing a significant role. How? If you look around, you'll get your answer. 

From banners to stickers and flyers, any such products are now in great demand. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations are splurging hefty amounts of funds on making people aware of the coronavirus. This is like sharing to prevent as much as possible through digital and print products. 

We have come across an array of exciting products that we couldn't help but share with you all. We thought you might be interested to see, and it may also possibly help you upscale your business throughout the challenging times. 

Without further ado, let's jump into some of these exciting products:

1. Social Distancing Safety Screens: 

Have you seen those protectors that separate one from another individual? That's what we are referring to—protective safety screens. You may have seen them at offices, salons, workplaces and restaurants, and these are precisely what your business needs right now. And should we even begin on the best part? 

These screens are absolutely customizable. 

Head over to us, and we can print your business logo on this glass vinyl material. Or even better, we might as well print you some stickers that you can paste it on any corners of the screen.

2. Social Distancing Floor Stickers:

These are not that new. You see them all the time at grocery stores, pharmacies and elsewhere. These anti-slip vinyl stickers have proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent the disease from spreading. Whether it's circular or rectangular, the bespoke floor stickers are trending. After all, they ensure the utmost safety of the staff members and customers.

3. Site Signage:

Own a business that has a warehouse? Or a premise with a yard? Read this out. 

Site signage falls within the realm of safety, too. What used to be a warning, emergency or prohibition sign, now became incredibly useful for social distancing. The top-notch vinyl boards are durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the harsh weather outside. We offer pre-designed templates that ensure your message about social distancing is easily visible.

4. Social Distance Badges: 

Printed on supreme silk cards, these badges are a great reminder to keep distant from one another. These are the best options for customer-facing employees to help them communicate about social distancing rules without even saying anything. Of course, businesses are using these in conjunction with face masks and face shields to be a constant reminder. 

Not to forget that your kids can also use these badges as a fun way to remind their friends about social distancing at school.

5. Outdoor A-Board:

Keep your employees and visitors reminded about the social distancing guidelines with an obvious Outdoor A-board. Place them at the entrance so that it reminds them of the rules before entering your premise. Couple it with a waterproof poster that makes it all perfect. Nonetheless, this is a robust product that you'll surely need in the future for other purposes.

6. Roller Banners:

Along with it being an awesome promotional banner, it has posed an effective way to spread social distancing awareness. Depending on the space, you can customize the roller banner accordingly, if you're unwilling to take up a considerable footprint. Again, we have some fantastic pre-designed social distancing designs available if you'd like to buy roller banners.

7. Portable Sneeze Guards: 

Blocking a sneeze during work can be disturbing, and sneezing will spread infection. Therefore, we present you with portable sneeze guards! Tada! Lightweight, highly durable and easy to clean, makes life easier for employees at retail, especially logistics and restaurants. What's even better is a printed tiny logo at one of the corners of the product. Perfection!

8. Window Stickers for Social Distancing:

Photo Source: Print Studio

Glass windows are ubiquitous at workplaces. Since we're trying our best to use every possible space, we wouldn't leave the windows alone either. Sticking posters or just stickers through your glass window is an excellent idea as a reminder for social distancing. These posters are available in a number of sizes, designs, and most important, materials, so that it wouldn't deflect when light falls on the window. We have everything you may need.

9. Footprint Ground Stencil:

If you want to be financially-savvy, we have this as the best option for you. Footprint ground stencils are not the same as social distancing floor stickers; they are a bit different. Footprint ground stencils are the greatest cost-effective way that helps you to manage social distancing inside your premise. In particular, if you run a coffee shop, grocery store, or any other kind of services that may get crowded, this is the real deal for you. We can even customize it according to your needs.

10. Sanitization Station:


Photo Source: Tri Continental

We always save the best for the last, and installing sanitization stations has been a pleasure. Designing a creative graphic, and assembling the overall sanitization unit has been quite an exciting task for us. Imagine trying to drag people to use the hand sanitizer before entering a premise; it has been quite interesting we must say. 

In that regards, sanitization stations are the new cool. They are somewhat cost-effective, yet 100% effective when it comes to maintaining safety. Besides, you may as well keep a 'thank you' topper a nice gesture for everyone making an effort to sanitize themselves. 


These were the top 10 products that we have discovered to be gaining massive popularity during COVID times. The products deserve our appreciation for the well-being and safety that they ensure. Many companies sell these products in bulk at an affordable price, and we help you customize them as per your needs. Not all of the products mentioned above may be suitable for your business. Therefore, make sure that you have the well-suited products for your business.

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