A Guide for PSPs to Customer Engagement Initiatives in 2021

A Guide for PSPs to Customer Engagement Initiatives in 2021

Customer Engagement Initiatives for PSPs to Implement Today

As a business owner, what do you think are your valuable assets?  

Engaged customers. 

When done right, these customer engagement initiatives can guarantee you truckloads of sales and leads. Now, a lot of things might come to your mind; customer engagement initiatives might be an added expense to your business, and this; that; and the third. However, if you take a look at the numbers, statistics will tell you that a customer would be greatly interested in a brand that happens to offer them a personalized way. 

Therefore, if you’re serious about expanding your business further, you need to pay very close attention to something. What is that something? Basically, your marketing channels along with your digital marketing campaigns to effectively build valuable ties with your customers. 

If you’re a printing vendor, just like us, let us walk you through the nitty-gritty of customer engagement initiatives.  

By the end, we promise you that you will have a better grasp of how you can engage your customers better. In tune, you will be able to create some airtight strategies to connect with your audience, who might as well transform into paying customers. 

Some customer engagement marketing initiatives that you can use. 

Run Strategic Product Recommendations:

Your customers love to hear from you. They love to know what precious stuff you have in store for them. By making a few recommendations here and there, you’re making your customer’s life easier as they directly land into what they need. Your customers loading your webpage and exactly landing into their business needs is the ultimate experience they are looking forward to.  

There are always some ways you can integrate relevant product recommendations for your customers. As a result, a print vendor, understand what business they are in and recommend them whether they need banners or business cards to level up their business.

Tip for implementing product recommendations successfully:

  • Never recommend blindly. For instance, if you recommend paper copies to fully digitized companies, it may leave them disappointed and confused. Make sure that your recommendations are data-driven. If your customers have ordered some invitation cards in their previous order, shamelessly suggest them to order some customized postcards.

Run Surveys for Customer Engagement Initiatives: 

The next best thing you could do to engage your customers is to run surveys. Furthermore, asking your customers about their thoughts – mostly about how they feel about your products and services – clearly shows that you value their ideas more than anything. Plus, showing them that you’re genuinely interested in their thoughts is a great way of building relationships with customers. It's like killing two birds with one stone. 

Do you want to know about another benefit from surveys? You will now realize what your customers actually feel about your company. Certainly, they’d express their true opinions through the surveys.  

And if you want to be a little more creative, you can also keep things fun by the reward system. With each survey, mail them a calendar of the year for free! We have done that and it has been terrifically successful.  

Tip for implementing surveys: 

  • Always invite your customers for a survey once they have received their goods. That’s when they can answer your questions effectively, reviewing their purchase. 
  • Again, run a contest to reward your customers. Never shy away from giving out a little bit to get a little more. Customers value-free useful goodies as much as you, as a business, value honest opinions. Make the rewards attractive for your customers to entice them to participate in them.

Gamify Your Website: 


Have you ever thought of gamifying your website? It can be a massive boost in terms of customer engagement. Trust us when we say this, but gamifying does help when it comes to enhancing customer experience on your website. Be a little creative. Offer freebies and discounts as rewards to your games. These are the discounts that customers can use to place orders from your service.  

In addition, these discounts and freebies are also a great encouragement for your customers to shop from you even more. You may not be a large e-commerce website, but know that even as a print vendor, you need to add some “oomph” to your marketing strategies, especially online, to get significant results. 

Tips for Gamifying:

  • Makes the small, fun games easy for your customers to join. Nobody likes complexity when all they are trying to do is buy from the website.  
  • Don’t be ignorant about the prizes. Be thoughtful and your web visitors will love visiting your website. 

Bottom Line

Beyond everything, be flexible. Adjust to the smallest of the things possible.  

Not like all the above-mentioned engaging strategies are likely to bring you stunning results most of the time. While some strategies might be spot on, others may not be. As you apply some of these initiatives, you’re bound to resonate with the best, and reach your goal – bring truckloads of sales and customers.

Now that we have given you such a great guide, take a look at what we have for you.