Heidelberg Versafire EP Printing Press

Heidelberg Versafire EP Printing Press

After the HP Latex 335, we have now moved forward with the Heidelberg Versafire EP Printing Press. Today, we will be revealing our biggest secret behind such excellent work, and that is, talking about the Heidelberg Versafire EP. In addition to features like speed printing, this has been a fantastic economical super tank for our business. We are super proud of our recent gadget, and we can't wait to share this with you.


There's almost everything about the Heidelberg Versafire EP Printing Press that satisfies our clients' needs, whatever they are.


Without further ado, we'll jump into discussing the features with you.


1. Speed Defines Everything for the Heidelberg Versafire EP:

Extremely stable and smooth at production with consistently high speed, the Versafire EP works faster the light speed. To tell the truth, this is one of the devices that has been systematically developed and enhanced for consumers' needs in the print industry.

For instance, the Versafire EP can produce about 115 letter size printer per minute. Additionally, it can process banners up to 13" x 27.5". Without any doubt, the device smartly manages machine prints banner format with 

2. Quality is Priceless:

It goes without saying that the high image quality with a new resolution of 4,800 x 2,400 dots per inch together with reliable production and a high throughput make it an iconic match for the graphic industry. Not only that, the inline sensors allow the machine to take control over the color automatically throughout the print run.

The intelligent machine is designed to analyze the color changes and adjust the colors accordingly, ensuring an efficient, safe, and reliable production. What's more, the registration is much improved with the sensors to support the automatic inline registration process. We know that all these may sound overwhelming, but we want you to be well informed about our gadgets and service quality.


There's no doubt that the Heidelberg Versafire EP surprisingly has the best print quality out there. In tune with that, its unique ability to restrain the complete production process together - from prepress to press to finishing - is praiseworthy. This gadget is like an all-in-one. Perhaps, our little secret behind such great work and efficient customer service is the Heidelberg Versafire EP. Altogether, it works seamlessly.


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