High-Resolution Print Ready Artwork for Thanking Essential Workers

High-Resolution Print Ready Artwork for Thanking Essential Workers

Dear Essential Workers,

We would have given you all a BIG hug, but given the situation, we can only thank you for your commitment and dedication to continuous support.

At times like this, when everyone is in an irreversible state of anxiousness, essential workers, all around the world are the ones placed in a hazardous situation day after day. Being an essential worker is harder than anyone can ever think. Staying hygienic, wearing a surgical mask throughout the day, sanitizing hands frequently; it's a lousy situation out there.

As an employer, you might be wondering how you can possibly show appreciation towards essential workers amidst the chaos. Fortunately, there are an array of ways to show support for those who are reporting for duty every day. Whether it’s sending a simple email to inquire how they are doing or adding another vending machine at the office, spark some much-needed joy during these tumultuous times.

Print some high-resolution print-ready artwork to thank your essential workers.

How can you possibly do that?

Read ahead to find that out. We have our ideas bulging at the seams.

1. Poster series to Thank Essential Workers

Trust us when we say this: it's a lovely feeling for employees to see thank you posters all around their workplace. So, grab those tapes and put them up at the restrooms, across the shop or warehouse, and even at the parking lots. Your employees are going to be overwhelmed by the gesture. And if you are just reading it on your own, you may even consider putting a poster in your window or anywhere else in your house. 

You may not know where to begin, in the first place. You can head over to us and our talented graphic designers have outstanding ideas to suit your poster needs. 

Let us all blanket our towns with these.

2. Banners

All it takes is a large banner on your lawn to show your gratitude towards the essential workers as well as front-liners. Regardless of its shape and size (vertical or horizontal), banners are the next best alternative to sending your message of thanks to those working so much for the cause. Our industry best Latex Ink Technology ensures a heavy-duty, waterproof banner that would stand up against the harshest weather conditions.

Are you looking forward to getting your banner printed? No problemo! You can find your customizable options here.

3. Cards

Photo Source: Artsy Fartsy Mama

These are stuff that many essential workers would treasure to later show to their grandkids. Thank you cards are not just cards; they are an emotion. Now here's the deal: you can print them and keep them handy too, to share them with everyone you know. Essential workers are not just your employees. Think about the mailman, food delivery individual, and so on. Can you even imagine the level of happiness you would spread through a single card?

We create them. In tune, bulk discounts for any 10 or more cards (including different products). 




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4. Printed T-Shirts and Face Masks

Printed t-shirts have become catch-all. Remember how some dedicated employees love wearing t-shirts at work, or even outside of work. Believe us, they will love to flaunt this one. After all, it's a specialized one with a print of thank you on it. Feature a vintage look print design and it's going to be a hit. Plus, free goodies from the company are always appreciated by employees.

5. Notepads, Stickers, Stationeries, and Supplies

Get a specialized batch of stationeries for your company during these challenging times. Gift them to your employees as they embark on their day. The beauty of stationery is that it's an affordable way to show gratitude. The brilliant and original idea of providing gifts of praise and gratitude with a thank you message, works as a pretty strong motivator. 

Customizing stationery is not much work. We do that all the time. Leave all that to us and you will be surprised.

Above all, don't forget the old-fashioned verbal method of saying "thank you" to anyone serving you. These are very stressful and frustrating times, and a little kindness can go a long way. If you don't have anything else to share, just show them a smile and brighten up anyone's day. We are all here to extend some kindness to all those who are in need during this crisis. 

And don't forget to nudge us in need of thank you cards, banners, posters, or anything that comes to your mind. Have a nice day!