What is ePrintHub?

ePrintHub is a software suite designed with one thing in mind: making your business operate more efficiently and cheaper. CEC Print Solutions has developed a software package that will enable businesses of various sizes to easily manage their print production across various vendors from one central point.

Product ordering has been easier and easier over time. We all have ordered products from websites online and the ease of the ordering process is what keeps us coming back. This is great for all our every day items, but what about print?

Most companies use multiple vendors for ordering their print and promotional products. Business cards come from vendor A, flyers from vendor B, cups & t-shirts from vendor C and so on. Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep all your vendors under one simple site? That's what ePrintHub is all about.

How does it work?

As a print service provider CEC Print Solutions already has a well established network of print shop vendors throughout the country and even over seas. On top of the products we can handle at our current production facility in Union City, CA we also have experience with outside vendors specializing in different products from offset printing, to wide format, to screen printing and even 3D printing. As a ePrintHub customer you will have the option to:

  • Let CEC print and manage all of your printing products across our vendor network, utilizing our in house production staff and our trusted outside vendors.
  • Bring along your own print provider(s). Many companies are already happy with their current print service provider and don't wish to transition to a new, unfamiliar vendor. CEC is happy to work with your current vendors.
  • Mix and match between CEC's team and vendor network and their own print service provider. Let's face it, there are a ton of printers out there an not everyone knows where to find a good provider for a product you're not familiar with. That's where ePrintHub and CEC can help.

How does this help you and your company?

Utilizing a central print hub for all of your printing needs has multiple benefits. Wouldn't it be nice to track multiple orders across multiple vendors from one centralized website? Why deal with three phone calls, six websites and twelve emails when you can accomplish all from one, easy to navigate site? Let CEC do the leg work on tracking your orders.

What about reports? Want to see how much your company has been ordering lately? With ePrintHub you're one click away from a targeted report that can separate out different product types, ship to locations and even which department or individual has placed the order. 

ePrintHub has the ability to set budgets for individual users or even specific store branches or departments. Your marketing agents can order business cards, but be forced to stay on a budget set by an administrator. Let your various branch locations order their own stationary, but set a price limit on how many items they order in a specific month.

Brand your own web portal with your company logo and products

With ePrintHub you get your own web portal with your company logo. You get to organize your product catalog how you want it. You can choose what items to add, set limits on product quantity, choose whether or not to include customization and many more options. When your users log in they'll see what feels like an extension of their own website.

Design your own artwork with our built in design studio

ePrintHub comes complete with a design studio for product customization. You can add your own text, images, colors and more with an integrated designer. Do you have multiple branches that have specific artwork needs? No problem, custom products can be set aside from one another or our design studio will let your users create their own designs.

PC, Mac, Linux or MS DOS?

It's 2020. ePrintHub is built on HTML 5 technology that allows any user from any device log on and place their orders. On a PC at work, no problem. On your phone while at lunch, no problem. Our software works no matter what technology you're using to place orders.

Accounting Plug In

ePrintHub is compatable with many different types of accounting and procurement software, like Coupa, Oracle and many, many others. Why be forced to use another software suite for your procurement requirements when CEC Print Solutions can tie into your existing accounting and procurement system. With our ePrintHub software we directly link our own accounting with yours for a seamless and worry free billing experience.

What's it going to cost me?

Are you a current CEC Print Solutions customer who does more than $50,000 worth of business a year with us? Congratulations you can be a ePrintHub customer for FREE! We can set up your dedicated website portal and product list at no extra charge because you're already a loyal CEC Customer. We can add on your existing vendor network as well, no extra charge.

If you're looking to utilize ePrintHub and have not previously done work with CEC Print Solutions we are happy to help establish a relationship. Pricing will always depend on the size and scale of the web portal you're looking to create. A basic site will be:

  • $2,000 for initial set up. $250 monthly maintenance fee. This is for all customers who do not do $50,000 worth of business with CEC.
  • Setup will include addition of products, up to 5 static pages, set up with up to 5 outside print vendors and set up of up to 10 users.

Tell me more

If you are interested in learning more, or wish to speak to a sales representative about ePrintHub, please contact us:

CEC Print Solutions

We look forward to working with you and helping your business with their print and promotional needs.